I am no longer an Orthodox practitioner.

All of my guided classes are geared towards the larger population of practitioners. Most people are not genetically inclined to do the traditional Ashtanga method. So in larger guided classes I take out the knee busters and back breakers and keep to the more vigorous meditative practice of following the breath.

In my Independent Study classes (Mysore) I support the traditional method where it’s appropriate and desired. I now view the traditional sequences of poses as basic blueprints for practice but not the end goal necessarily. What that looks like in class/practice is that you’ll see people doing anywhere from real beginning practices to very advanced Ashtanga practices but you will also see a lot of therapeutic and creative movement according to individual need and lifestyle.

I think it’s a really exciting and dynamic environment in which to practice.

That’s a fairly long way to say it’s okay to just show up. I think you’ll be fine.